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we can influence the skins ability to tan.

South Beach Tan is a revolutionary tanning product that accelerates the production of melanin, the pigment that absorbs ultraviolet radiation and gives skin its colour. The more melanin you have in your body, the darker your skin tone & the more protection you have from UV radiation.

Fair skinned people have very little natural melanin and therefore exposure to the sun results in uncomfortable and unsightly sunburnt skin which is red in colour and fades fast.

melanin production is supercharged with South Beach tan, minimal sun exposure is required to achieve a beautiful deep tan.

With regular use, South Beach Tan will boost your natural tan & will assist those with a fair complexion to achieve a deep natural tan without sunburn and overexposure to the sun. No matter what your skin type, South Beach Tan will accelerate and boost your natural tan. This will be greatly amplified with safe periods and short spells of sun exposure.

The result is a healthier, natural looking tan all year around without prolonged exposure to the sun or ultra violet lights.

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Veronica Vieira (Boksburg, Gauteng)

I am delighted to have received the proucts purchased today.

Thanks so much for the additional holidaymakers dark bronzer... what a lovely surprise.

Thanks for all the info and your kind assistance.


Claudia Branders (Boksburg, Johannesburg)

Thank you sooo much for the awesome service and samples. I received my order this afternoon. Within 24 hours from ordering. 🙂
Can't wait to start using it!


Megan Jane Wesson

Being a person who loves an all round good looking tan, I am highly impressed by the results delivered by using South Beach Tan. After only 4 weeks of using South Beach Tan (and 5 sunbed sessions within those 4 weeks); I immediately saw results. Results many complimented me on.

The nasal spray is quick and easy to use with no fuss, makes it so convenient for me. For me personally a big bonus is that there are no negative side effects to using South Beach Tan … I’m loving my brown glowing skin… and would highly recommend it to those looking to boost their natural tan.

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Zea Meyer (Sandton)

I’m incredibly happy with the tan I’ve been able to maintain whilst using South Beach Tan.

Historically whenever I go away on holiday or manage to get a tan it would fade very quickly.

Now I use the spray 2-3 times a week & literally only do 1 x 10 min sunbed session a week to maintain my tan. Everyone that knows me, knows I have fair skin so I have been receiving many compliments lately!

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Chris (Pretoria)

*used product in winter for 2 weeks prior to an overseas summer cruise.

I’ve just got back from my cruise.  Your product works. I normally burn easily. I burn red before I go brown and then my tan disappears completely in just a few days.  Your product was a lifesaver. I’ve got an all-over tan, no sunburn whatsoever. Your product is fantastic. I will be buying more and recommending it to my friends. See my pics, day 1: very white but then South Beach Tan kicked in…. And the color has lasted.  I used two bottles in just over 3 weeks.  I am now taking the product every second day.

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Monique Smith

"I used the nose spray before we went to Mauritius, my tan was amazing. I never burnt at all, I went a beautiful golden brown." 

Monique Smith

Jackie (Johannesburg.)

"I have always been fair and freckly so tanning in the sun wasn’t an option for me.  I’ve always had to wear factor 50 otherwise I just burn.  South beach tan has given me an easy solution, with stunning results.  Now when I go outdoors, I don’t burn. I stay tanned right through winter. I also love how so many new colours suit my complexion, not just clothes but hair colour too.

When I’ve stopped taking the product, it’s taken a few months for my tan to fade.  I would definitely recommend it."

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Rachel Kim Smith (Johannesburg)

"I have used this product on and off for about 8 years. I never really tanned in the sun, I mostly burnt and then peeled. I did some real damage in my youth, spending hours in the sun trying to catch a tan.
After I used South Beach tan for 2 months or so, I never burnt in the sun again. I just went a beautiful brown, I loved it. Back then I was still spending a fair amount of time in the sun on weekends and during holidays on the beach… I actually got a bit TOO dark!

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Glenda (Johannesburg)

"I have a typical European skin. Its whiter than white. I tried one bottle of South Beach Tan last year about 2 weeks before a family photo shoot in mid December. I was advised that I needed a minimum two bottles for my fair skin but I thought I would give it a bash and throw in 3 or 4 sunbed sessions. My overall colour definitely changed even though I only used the South Beach for about 10 days or so. I never went brown but my colour looked healthier, better than pale white. I am pleasantly surprised to see how long my colour has taken to fade. That gives me confidence that the product does work and I will definitely try it again sometime, at least 2 bottles to load."

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